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Pest Control Services in Massachusetts

At Dennis the Mennis Pest Control, utilize all materials that are approved by the State of Massachusetts and are Federally approved. We always use the best possible product that will be the best choice to eliminate your unique problem. No odors, no staining and placements with pin-point accuracy. By doing this we are assured of solving the problem and not disturbing your time or lifestyle.
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Termidor Pest Control Products - Lynn, MA
Termidor is the finest product to eliminate many pest problems. It is by far better than any baiting system available for Termite elimination. It has also been cleared for exterior use to eliminate a myriad of other pests as well. You cannot go wrong with this product.

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Your largest investment should be protected with the best material available for lasting peace of mind. With our professional staff you can always be assured of this. Call me at any time should you have any specific questions.
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About Pest Control Products

Products and materials used in the pest elimination business are varied to say the least. As in any industry, materials function differently from one to the other. We have always believed that utilizing the very best materials with the best track record in the long run is less costly than servicing with less expensive materials. Our clients are pleased and that is what matters most. Our materials and products are all E.P.A. registered and are approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
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Materials used by Dennis the Mennis are numerous and specific. Some are formulated for baiting procedures--some for insects and some for rodents. All have a job to do. If you have any questions feel free to call us here anytime.
Other materials serve to exclude or to repel insects and some are made so that pests do not even know that they are present. That's a good thing, as the pests will not simply find another area to hide, breed or move to another area.
Some are in a granulated form while others are liquid or aerosol propelled or in dust like-fine powder formulations. The list continues with gels and with crack and crevice insertion tools. Still, ... Read more