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Meet our Massachusetts Pest Control Team

At Dennis the Mennis Pest Control, we want you to know that ALL of our people in the field have loads of experience. We never hire seasonal help as our Techs have a minimum of seven years of service and some have been here for nineteen years. Our office manager has been with us for sixteen years. Our owner, Dennis Mastrolia, is always a telephone call away and is happy to speak with you at ANY TIME. So call us and see how easy it is to solve your pest problems.
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Our Team

As a team we can provide services that many other pest control companies cannot. We are proud of this! We can provide services from your crawl space to your roof top and with special equipment if called for---from step ladders to SIXTY FOOT LADDERS and everything in between. Our team works well together and can accomplish results--the first time. We will not sell you something that is not needed. We will always ask if you are happy and satisfied and most importantly--would you recommend us without reservation to your family and friends?